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111 Places in Rome That You Must Not Miss

Twenty million tourists are drawn to Rome every year. They admire the Colosseum and St. Peter's Cathedral, sit down on the Spanish Staircases, and stroll along the Campo de Fiori.

Rome_Boeken_111_palces_in_RomeBut the Eternal City has much more to offer: secrets, clandestine spots, stories sunk into oblivion. Why, for example, is there a lighthouse, when Rome is not near the coast? Where is the grave of Pope Joan? What does the hangman's cloak have to tell? Which landmark was nearly stolen? Where can you find the formula that supposedly turns lead into gold? Where do you get rewarded for impossible misbehaviour? And why is the world's oldest baby hatch here, of all places?

This book will bring you to spots that will show you Rome from a completely new side.

Annett Klingner describes the true character of Rome. An extraordinary travel guide.

111 Places in Rome That You Must Not Miss
Annett Klingner
Emons Verlag GmbH, 2014
ISBN 9783954513864

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